Hi, hello!!

It’s me!! Cara Vargas!

I’m the one that follows you around in amazing locations and makes you look like you know what you’re doing!! 

I live a simple life in the middle of nowhere up near Oregon with my husband Anthony, our baby girl Reese, and our two pups. I’m 100% a homebody and the best part of my days most of the time is getting my daily Starbucks (where I’m also a barista, so holla if you need caffeine). BUT, when I’m not being boring, my favorite thing is to travel & explore new places!!! So if you are looking for a photog to take with you on your epic elopement in Iceland, pick me!!!

If you’re someone that desires a laid back, care-free environment, and if you care more about remembering how you feel in a moment than looking like a store mannequin, then I’m your girl! I can’t WAIT to hang out!!